Red Cliffs Camp


This is an exclusive camp situated next to the ancient coastal village of Kipini on a spectacular cliff on the beach front off Ungwana Bay at the mouth of the biggest river in Kenya, the Tana River, which is approximately 170 km. from Malindi by road.

The camp comprises of two well aerated tents and one cozy cottages all fitted with modern accessories and antique furniture.

A rotund makuti thatched Dining room, tucked in the tropical undergrowth with a platform lounge overlooking the azure Indian Ocean and the elevated altitude offer you a truly charged experience of liberty.

The Red Cliffs Camp is the only one, of its kind anywhere on the Kenyan coast, which is within reach of both terrestrial and marine habitats. The frontage is graced by the Indian Ocean and at the rear is the expansive Kipini Conservancy.

As soon as you arrive at our camp time stops and a strong sense of tranquility sets in, combined with a feeling of Deja-vu, which irresistibly overcomes you on the river boat excursion stamping a romantic feeling of falling in love with Africa deep in your mind.

Trophy quality marine game e.g. barracuda, sword-fish and black marlin are in abundance but the most notable is the dolphin who will definitely mesmerize you.

The beach is also an important breeding area for turtles and the rare Dugong.

The river is famous for its Crocodiles and Hippopotami.

Terrestrial wildlife richness can be witnessed by the abundance of big game e.g. elephant, buffalo, waterbuck, topi, black-eared kob, warthog, bush-pig.

Primates present are yellow baboon, mangabey, sykes and vervet monkeys.

The predators found here are Lion, Leopard, African Civet and African Wild Dog.

Other unique packages on offer at any of our establishments are:

  • River boat excursions
  • Wildlife safaris (night/day game drives)
  • Cultural excursions (gazzetted sites & village walks)
  • Nature walks (orthinological/botanic)
  • Island hoppingĀ  & explorations (snorkeling & goggling)
  • Bird shooting (licensed & subject to seasons)
  • Deep sea fishing