Mida Creek

The bay of Mida Creek expands across an area of 32 sq. kms. It comprises different types of habitats that are influenced by the tide, for example mud and sand flats, open shallow waters and mangrove forests. In fact Mida Creek is part of the most productive mangrove ecosystems in the world. For good reason, Mida Creek is a recognized International Bird Area and together with Arabuko- Sokoke Forest forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is not only a paradise for national waterfowls, migrating birds from Europe and Eurasia also find a place to rest during their journey or they choose to stay at Mida Creek over the winter.

Very famous is the Mida Creek Boardwalk & Bird Hide. This is a kind of rope bridge construction leading to a wooden shelter from where you can relax with amazing views and perfectly observe the birdlife of Mida Creek. We are happy to organize an individual tour or canoe ride for you including a picnic lunch of traditional Swahili dishes which will be served on one of the romantic islands of the creek ..

A Professionally trained guides of Mida Creek Conservation and Awareness Group or Mida Creek Conservation Community will escort you during the excursion.

You can also tour Kirepwe Island where unexcavated ruins can be discovered.