Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve

With a size of 420 km2 Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is the largest remaining section of continuous dry coastal forest found in Eastern and Southern Africa.

It is a unique habitat characterized by an enormous flora and fauna biodiversity.

Three different, distinct forest vegetation types as well as several seasonal pools provide habitats for over 600 plant species, 52 mammal species, over 230 bird species and 79 amphibian species.

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is very popular with bird watchers. Most of them come to see the Clarke’s Weaver, the Sokoke Pipit.¬†All these bird species are only found in Arabuko-Sokoke.

Two tree platforms provide a perfect place to observe birds as well as other animals that live in the canopy. On the 4 km long Nature Trailwhich is close to the Forest Visitor Centre in Gede you can learn more about the unique features of Arabuko-Sokoke.

If you wish to go on a longer hiking or bicycle tour, or you would like to camp in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. You will explore the forest  with one of the well trained guides trom the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Guide Association because they know where to find and can point out rare animals and plants for you.

Good spots to visit on longer tours would be the Whistling Duck Pools, the Kararacha Pools, or the fascinating Nyari Cliff and viewpoint which offers unmatched views of the forest, Mida Creek and beyond to the Indian Ocean.